Catherine Ashley

Far Cry 4 - Image via Ubisoft

Far Cry Noob: Lessons From Kyrat

I admittedly am not that far into Far Cry 4. I’m taking it real slow with this open-world first-person shooter, while trying to appreciate the sights, sounds and (hostile) culture of fictitious Kyrat. However, I have learned a lot about myself while playing the game thus far, and rather than do a traditional review, I’ve decided to list them for your enjoyment.... Read More >

Catherine Ashley

Senior Feature Writer

Cat Ashley is an aspiring Anthropologist killin’ it in her final year at Concordia University. She’s a student by day, waitress by night and gamer in between. From her humble beginnings playing Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES, her love for FPS’ isn’t dwindled since. She’s a fanatic for anything horror, sci-fi and fantasy related. Oh, and she used to believe she’d become Sailor Moon when she turned 14. Catherine works with the Internal Community Development team over at Ubisoft. While she has many opinions, none of the them reflect Ubisoft. Only her own. Don't like her opinions? It's all on her.