Catherine Smith-Desbiens

The Girls on Games Podcast Ep 38 – Lack of story in FPS Games & Gaming Gear Upkeep and Maintenance

The upcoming Black Ops game won't ship with a single player mode on PS3 and 360 while Rainbow Six Siege won't have one all together. This begs the question: do all FPS games really need story mode? Will you feel cheated if it's omitted from certain franchises? Plus, we talk gaming gear upkeep and maintenance: cleaning, fixing, all that good stuff.... Read More >
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PHOTOS: Fan Expo 2015 show floor and events!

We're only a few hours after Fan Expo closed its doors after another successful 4-day long geek fest. As we sit in our Montreal-bound train, we can't help but share our stories and best moments from the con: video games were played, swag was acquired, fellow geeks were met but most of all, a ton of photos were taken. Here are some of our and other attendees' best shots from the show floor.... Read More >
Catherine Smith-Desbiens

Catherine Smith-Desbiens

Co-founder, Co-editor in Chief

Catherine is a Web Designer who started gaming and dabbling with computers at the tender age of 5. She since traded DOS commands for HTML/CSS and NES games for RPGs. She also has a healthy love of cartoons, movies and music.