Fallout 4: Automatron + Wasteland Workshop DLC extravaganza! – Review

Fallout 4, already one of the largest, most content filled games on the market today, has released its first two DLC in the last month. You might wonder, as I often do with games this huge, what's the point of more content? You're unlikely to see everything the base game has to offer, so why go out and shell out more money for more stuff to do? But sometimes, it's just worth it nonetheless.... Read More >
Quantum Break Screenshot from Microsoft Studios / Remedy Entertainment

The Next Step in Transmedia – Quantum Break Review

In a time where the way we consume mass media is increasingly varied and hybrid, it’s no surprise that Remedy Entertainment tried to be innovative in its newest title. Quantum Break is a transmedia project come to life, integrating short live action episodes with gameplay. While the premise is original and exciting, the execution wasn’t as refined as I’d of hoped.... Read More >