Forza 6 gets injected with Porsche, and we love it – DLC Review

For the past few Forza games, with the exception of Motorsport 5 and Horizon 1, Porsche cars were not included in the games at launch but have been featured as DLC later down the road. Usually those DLCs are simple car packs, but this time Turn 10 went above and beyond; they’ve released a full fledged expansion. Which is highly appreciated, since I’m no big fan of car packs.... Read More >

A Nier Miss: Retrospective of a Cult Classic

If I asked you about NIER, you’re reaction would likely range from “Huh”, or “What?”, or perhaps some indescribable string of syllables meant to convey confusion. This game didn’t have a very long selling run in North American before fading into obscurity, and couldn’t be found on most popular gaming stores shelves thereafter. This is a massive disservice to all fine purveyors of the RPG, as NIER is very likely one of my favourite games I’ve played recently.... Read More >